Love At First Sight

“It takes a world of patience to raise a child. Most importantly, it takes LOVE.”

Chef Brandon Brimley and Kimberly Trell of Kimber Decor Events decided to collaborate and put together an event that most people aren’t doing. They took a different approach of showing love in a different way on Valentine’s Day.
The Love At First Sight (LAFS) event was created to empower single parents. LAFS is all about sharing that intimate time with your child, creating memorable moments and building a stronger bond. We have fun games, arts and crafts activities and trivia quizzes. We provide live entertainment and delicious food to accomodate you. You will get to meet other parents, enjoy music that will keep the kids dancing, win some family gift cards and prize packages. Share this special day with one another and we will take care of the rest!
Here are some photos from our last event – February 14th, 2017